Preparations of the educational instruments for cases analysis

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The referees department has completed the preparation of the CDs which contain the most recent educational instruments and 2500 cases for study and analysis. This included cases from last season. The department selected some cases for presentation and study explanation during the external training camp.
It worth mentioning that, the referees department used to pay heavily for the educational instruments from abroad, but this year, a number of technical experts, technologists and analysts have been attracted and the work team has got the job done and the CDs are expected to be distributed to the referees to make use of them.
Elsewhere, the referees department has completed the translation and printing the football law for the 2014/ 2015 new season. This is the recent edition which will be distributed to the referees, technicians, lecturers and assessors in  both English and Arabic languages in the same booklet to promote the learning of English language within the referees particularly as regards the aspects related to the law of the game.