Preparations of the training schools referees launched

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Dubai/ Friday August 8, 2014: The training course of the training schools referees was launched at the UAEFA premises here on Friday with 42 referees including new candidates. The training session was attended by Ali Hamad, acting general manager of the UAEFA and deputy chairman of there ferees committee and Khalid Al Dokhi, director of the referees department.
The training sessions were supervised by Saleh Al Marzouqi, member of the referees committee and official of the training schools, Awni Hassona, technical manager of the training schools referees. The workout focused on the technical aspects and the upgrade of the bodily fitness, followed by theoretical lecturers.  
According to Al Dokhi, the current period represents an important preparatory stage for the upcoming season which will continue on daily basis at the training centres in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and the eastern region. The referees will gather over two days at the association’s premises in Dubai.  
Periodical lectures will be organized for the training schools referees to explain the law of the game and the recent amendments and a three-day training camp at the FA headquarters in Al Khawaneej.
Meanwhile, the referees department at the UAEFA has announced the opening of the registration window for new referees to attend the training course scheduled from August 10 to 14 at the association’s offices in Al Khawaneej.
Interested candidates are required to call the following numbers:
046071829 – 046071822 – 046071820 – 046071828  and obtain the on line application form on the following link:
Applicants should be UAE citizens and not less than 18 years.